About Us

About Tornedale Infant School and Nursery

Our last Ofsted was in February 2018.  We achieved good  in every aspect, and we're commended for our good work. Ofsted recognised that many aspects of our school are outstanding and that we have the capacity to improve even further.

The staff at Tornedale are one team that work hard together, children at our school understand that everyone's role is important from cleaning staff to senior staff, and I think that is one of the reasons our school works so happily together. We have good links with other infants schools in the Local authority and are an associate of Doncaster Teaching School, Partners in Learning.

Who can attend our school?

The youngest children at our school are three and the oldest are seven (Nursery to Year 2).  We have a school nursery as well as the main school. 

Values and Ethos

At Tornedale our shared vision is that of community, where everyone works together for the children. We wish to provide a safe and inclusive school where everyone is challenged and supported to reach their own individual potential.  We aim to be creative and innovative in our approach and welcome new ideas to enhance learning experiences for everyone. We want our children, staff and parents to feel safe and happy and enjoy the experiences that learning provides.

About the staff

There are over twenty staff in our school for just six classes and a nursery.  We believe that lots of adults to help your child learn is best, and a lot of our school budget is spent on that.  The staff at Tornedale are dedicated to the children, families and school and all want the best for your child.

About the building

Our school building is now over fifty years old.  Lots of people in the village remember coming to Tornedale.  It has had a lot of improvements made over the last couple of years, both inside and out - so it's well worth having a tour if you don't already know the school.  In 2010, we had new gas boilers installed and a new ventilation system in the school kitchen.  We have also had new fencing erected to help keep our children safe whilst on the school grounds. 

Although we are a small school we have a lot of space both indoors and outside.

How long is the school day?

The main school is open between 8.45 am and 12.00 noon and 1.15 pm to 3.00 pm.
Nursery is open between 8.30 am and 11.30 am (morning session) and 12pm and 3pm (afternoon session). 

Class Sizes

We currently have 185 children on roll out and we can accommodate up to 232.  Nursery has 38 children attending (either mornings, afternoons, 2.5 days or 30-hours).  We have 60 places available in each year group, with 45 children currently in Reception (22 in Jupiter Class and 23 in Neptune Class), 54 children in Year 1 (26 in Saturn Class and 27 in Earth Class) and 49 children in Year 2 (25 in Venus Class and 24 in Mercury Class).